Chapter Eleven


Alice heard the car pull into the driveway. Andrew was home. She quickly picked up her laptop and pushed her glasses back on her face. He’d been gone less than an hour, yet, she was still worried. Things between them were beginning to fizzle again and she was terrified it would get worse. Anytime he left the house, she questioned if he was going to see Her again. He was never out later than normal or smelled of perfume. Alice had never found any evidence of an affair and she double checked nightly. Cheater’s Remorse was getting the best of her and she planned to put a stop to it.  Continue reading

Chapter X


Six weeks later

Roman stood in the empty parking lot, Lurch on his left and 5 of his newest goons behind him. He was one handshake away from cutting Erik off at the knees.

Two black sedans pulled into the lot opposite the posse. Their occupants exited and formed a barrier around the man last to exit. Hiro Shimamoto was the primary supplier for all the drugs Erik moved into the States. Roman had to pull many strings and call up a bunch of favors to get his number, followed by several phone calls to get a face-to-face. Shimamoto didn’t venture far from his compound, unless a lucrative offer was in place or an example needed to be made. Roman still wasn’t sure which brought him here. Shimamoto was a small man with a large arsenal. Old age was beginning to set in his joints, evident in the black cane he carried. Next to him was his son, Kato, who was soon to inherit his father’s empire. “Mr. Roman, good to see you,” Shimamoto said, stopping short of the group. Roman bowed the top half of his body, in respect. “Ah, please stand. I have not practiced the old ways in a while. I’m glad you did your research,” the man chuckled.
“I wanted to make sure you were impressed. Your business is important to me.” Shimamoto’s face changed from jolly to serious. “Why should I do business with you? What do you have to offer that your predecessor does not?”
“McLaren is only out for himself. All of the business he conducts is only beneficial to his end game and then he plans to leave everyone else in the lurch. Myself, included.”
“So this is retaliation?”
“Think of it as a lateral move. We both know McLaren has been lowballing you,” Roman said, looking over at Lurch, who retrieved a bag from the ground. He passed it to Kato, who passed it to one of their goons. He opened the bag to find it full of money. “He’s been cutting your product down to almost nothing. I know this can be harmful to your other business. I want to correct that for you.”
“With money? Not that I’m complaining.”
“That is the difference Erik has been skimming this quarter, plus a down payment on my first shipment. Think of it as good faith money.”

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