One of my earliest memories is learning how to read…I was put ahead in school at a young age; a lowly third grader out shining 8th graders in reading, blowing through “Harry Potter” in fifth grade in a day’s time. I loved the adventures books took me on: the suspense, the drama, the allure, I felt it ALL. At some point, I decided writing was something I needed to invest the rest of my life on. I finally worked up the courage to start a blog, since, being my own worst critic, I was always afraid my writing would never be good enough. But I will let you be the judge of that.

Everything I write is an original production, UNLESS it is aforementioned that the post is fan fiction, which I have often found myself delving into. Naturally, I would never represent another person’s work as my own. Feedback is appreciated, as long as it is positive, constructive and respectful.

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