How To Say No


Devin got hard instantly. It had been almost a year since he had sex and he still hasn’t been able to control his urges. The woman on the screen was half naked and bouncing around. He thought any masturbating, again, but decided not to send turned the TV off. He heard shuffling in the hall, then someone saying “Dammit.” He stood up, adjusted himself and stuck his head out his door. It was his neighbor, Gabrielle. She was struggling to hold a box and open the door at the same time. He stepped out the door and grabbed the box from here. She turned and saw who it was. “Oh hey,” she said, smiling at him. They had been playing cat and mouse since she had moved in, but he kept his distance; he didn’t want to start another meaningless relationship.  She got the door open and let him in. “What’s in the box?” He asked, stepping into her apartment. Gabrielle had dedicated half her place to her art studio; easels, buckets of paint and splaterred tarps littered one half of the room. “More supplies. You can put it over there,” she said, pointing to a corner. He sat the box down next to her latest work, some art form he couldn’t decipher. “What’s this?”
“Just something I’m working on. An image I can’t get out of my head.” She walked over towards him and looked at the easel with him. He could feel her body heat next to him and he just wanted to turn and touch her. “It’s beautiful. I told you, you need to open up a gallery.”
“Yeah well…I’m looking into a floating gallery.”
“Yeah. Basically they operate out of pop up locations and stay for a short time before moving on.”
“That sounds cool,” Devin said, moving around the section of room. He glanced at her as she stood watching him. She work exercise clothes, a tank top and stretch pants that hugged her thighs. He turned and looked at her full on, intent in his eyes. “Close your mouth. You’re drooling,” she said, stepping around him to unpack the box.

She knew he was watching her. She wanted him to. For six months, she had been hoping that he worked up the courage to ask her out, to come over one night and do all the things she imagined. She found it frustrating and spoke before she has a chance to rethink. “So, why is it that you have yet to ask me out?” Devin was blindsided by the inquiry. “What?” He said, trying to make sure he heard her correctly. She stood up and went back to him. “Well…obviously you’re attracted to me. I’m… Very attracted to you. What’s the hold up?” She asked, putting her hands on her hips. Devin sighed and sat down on the stool next to him. “It’s, uh, kind of a long story,” he said.
“I got time.” Devin ran his hands down his thighs, trying to find the best way to explain. “My last relationship ended on a pretty bad note. After that, I kinda slept around and made some bad decisions. After a while, I just decided to not partake anymore.”
“So…you’re celibate?”
“Wow. That’s beautiful. It’s very rare that a man can do that, remove sex so they can find something…special.”
“I’m not exactly looking. Just hope I happen upon it soon. I…didn’t ask you out, or anyone else, because I wasn’t sure how you would take it. It hasn’t been easy.”
“I believe you. But you can do it,” she said, punching him lightly in the arm. “But I have wanted to ask you out. I’ve wanted you for a while,” Devin said, looking at Gabrielle. She smiled at him, before planting a kiss on his cheek. He touched her face and pulled her into a full kiss. Her lips were soft and he melded into them and it excited him. She moaned before putting her hand on his chest. “Wait, are you sure? I dont wanna compromise what you’re doing,” she said.

Devin weighed his options. He knew he wanted her, badly, but he wasn’t interested in just another romp, especially with someone in such close proximity. “If I asked, would you go out with me?”
“if you asked, yes,” she said, smiling, her hand sliding down his chest. He pulled her back towards him and kissed her again. She held back, not wanting to pressure him into anything. Yet, he stood and picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. “Devin,” she whispered. He laid her down on the bed. “Are you sure?”
“Very,” he said, pulling her tank off. He pulled his own shirt off and laid on top of her. He cupped her breasts in his hands and kissed her hard. His lips moved down, kissing her neck, chest and stomach. She bit her bottom lip as he worked her pants off. He nearly exploded when he saw her in her black lace thong. He watched her squirm and he couldn’t think of anything other than being inside of her. He closed his eyes and stood back from her. “I’m sorry,” he said. Gabrielle sat up and looked at the expression on his face. “I’m sorry,” he said again. She got up and put her pants back on. “Hey, its OK. I…” She said. She couldn’t find the words. She had never been in this situation before. Devin straightened himself back out. “I’ll see you,” he said, leaving out of the room and heading for the door. Gabrielle followed him and stopped him. “Hey,” she said, grabbing his arm. She kissed him softly. “Call me.”

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