Shia **NSFW**


Her body ached as he sat across from her. The slight pressure between her legs gave her constant reminders of the last night they were together. 
He was a terrifying man until he smiled or spoke, his gentle demeanor conflicting with his hardened face, muscular stature & numerous tattoos that peeked from the openings in his clothes: chest, arms, & hands. 

He was sweet, charming, funny in public. Dinner, followed by some too close dancing that left her practically vibrating when they reached her apartment. “Would you like to come inside?” Her voice rattled. 

He stood behind her on the elevator, itching to caress her breasts and press her warm brown skin against him. He missed the way she was warm and wet between her thighs, constantly ready to take all of him. When she shut the door, he closed the distance between them, pressing his hard cock between her ass cheeks and wrapping his massive hands around her throat. “My God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered, his second hand snaking around to unbutton her shirt. He could barely hold her large breasts in his free hand but the combination of the bumpy lace and her buttery flesh was nearly too much to bare. “I want you….” she breathed, pulling her skirt around her hips. As much as he wanted her in this moment, torturing her was more fun. “Take off your clothes,” he nipped in her ear, before breaking from her and walking away. 
Even the way he sat was arousing. He spread across the couch, his dick visible through the gray slacks as she stripped. He wanted to tease her but she wanted to be the torturer for once. She couldn’t move any slower as she peeled away, her body curving dangerously around the lace bra and thong. She sank to the floor and crawled to her lover, ready to pounce panther-like into his affection. His lips hovered over his thickness briefly before she slithered into his lap. She unhooked her bra & was met with the tender affection from his lips, matched with the soft bristles of his beard. He clamped his lips down on her plump nipples. 
She laid on the floor before him, her hand holding her fat treasure as he undressed. His erection sprung free from its prison, strong & plentiful between them. He would give her all she could handle tonight. He kissed her everywhere, his mouth cascading down her body, his hands pulling away the last shred of her decency. “Spread your legs,” he whispered into her skin. Toes in the air and knees apart, she was unabashed to show him what was his. 
She moaned when his lips met hers. Such a small bundle of nerves that was sending shockwaves through her. Her nectar overflowed but he never wavered, his tongue moved deftly all over her before slipping inside of her. She didn’t want to come that way, not just yet, but the motor on his tongue wouldn’t be exhausted until she was a panting mess. She was resolved, clenching down as much as she could keep it tucked away, until she felt the thickness of his middle finger bury inside her. She cried out as the waves crashed around her, his tongue wagging at breakneck speed around her tender clit. Before she could catch her breath, his mouth was on hers and his dick was inside her.
“You taste so good,” he said, his hips grinding on hers. She hadn’t regained her cognizance and language eluded her. All she knew and felt was him. “Dammit…” he whispered, feeling himself unraveling already. She was too warm & wet & he wasn’t ready to end it just yet, but his body betrayed him. Every stroke beyond the last one was a miracle and felt like a blessing. He spread her hips wider and dug deeper inside her. Her pussy glommed onto him as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her. She could feel him flutter with him so deep in her wetness. She wrapped her legs around him & pulled him closer, crushing her mouth on his. “I’m…” he heaved, feeling that familiar pressure slipping from his grasp. “Stay with me,” she whispered, wrapping her hand around his neck.  He didn’t have time to second guess her request. He spread her legs again & stroked her hard as he felt the thick stream escape him. Hearing him moaning & quivering pitched her over the edge with him.

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