Beautiful & Broken


Would you look at those eyes?
Those quiet, soulful brown eyes. What brown eyes you have…the eyes have it, they tell me all I need to know. Those eyes, they give me everything I need. They see more than the skin, more than the top, the bottom and all in between. He sees the potential, the extravagance, the REAL beauty.
What’s on that mind? Can I make love to your soul and pull you from the everlasting flame of that fire you make? No heaven is perfect for you, no hell deserves you, only the warm embrace of these arms can hold you. The torture you endure is too much for me to bear but you hold strong. Ooh, you strong…strong enough to hold the weight of the world and sweet enough to reach out and open the door, baby, you got it!
She broke you, tore you down, flip you around and put you to the side. I’m just tryna flip you up, turn you right side up and prove that you deserve that good time. Baby, let me show you how beautiful you are to me. Let me give you this REAL woman loving that will break you down at the knees and have you gasping for the air surrounding me. Baby, let me run yo bath water, you working too hard to get to that throne that you belong on. Don’t you know you got it, baby?

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